Mission Statement


King's College, a Catholic college in the Holy Cross tradition, provides students with a broad-based liberal arts education which offers the intellectual, moral, and spiritual preparation that enables them to lead meaningful and satisfying lives.

History & Tradition

King's College was founded in 1946 by the Congregation of Holy Cross to provide a liberal arts education to the sons of working class families. Building upon its historical roots, King's College seeks to attract and educate talented men and women from all backgrounds.

Holy Cross sponsorship and the Catholic intellectual tradition are important components of a King's education. Fr. Basil Moreau, C. S. C., founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, expressed his vision of educating the whole person, both mind and heart, as the essential philosophy of all Holy Cross schools. In the words of its founding President, Fr. James Connerton, C.S.C., "King's teaches students not only how to make a living, but how to live."

To achieve its Mission :

  • King's College welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and strives to educate them in a community committed to academic excellence, mutual respect, and social responsibility.
  • Faculty members are committed to active student learning and excellent teaching as their main responsibilities.
  • Faculty members engage in ongoing professional development and public scholarship to strengthen their primary role of teaching.
  • Faculty , administration, and staff members share responsibility for working with students as advisors, coaches, counselors, and mentors to nurture the full development of students.
  • The academic curriculum is complemented by co-curricular programs, organizations, and activities which contribute to the career, civic, cultural, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development of students.
  • King's College encourages students, faculty, administration, and staff members to participate in their academic, professional, civic, cultural, and faith communities.